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An innovative product based on aluminium profiles capped with wood composite material of premium quality. Ideal for decorative and shading applications, which offer long-lasting natural look to buildings & outdoor constructions. Decorative trellises and grids, vertical & horizontal cladding boards, pergola and fencing louvers as well as treated as a multi-purposed building material.

  • No need for maintenance in contrast to wood
  • Extremely resistant to wood decaying factors (salt, insects rot) and harsh weather conditions
  • Natural and warmer aesthetics in contrast to coated aluminium
  • Lasts much more than wood sublimation, without fading out when placed directly to sunlight
  • Enhanced sturdiness which allows much bigger lengths
  • It can be curved, does not break and stays straight
  • Extensive variety in terms of profiles, colors and applications
  • Multi-purpose building material, easy to handle
  • Truly innovative and differentiating in the market


Heavy metal concentration

lower than max limits

Weathering Test (4982-2)

compliant (no holes, no cracks, no delamination, no voids, after 1500 hours)


Modern residences, commercial and office buildings, hotels and malls

Placement – Installation

aluminium frameworks for cladding, pergola and fencing frames

Variety of colors

Eight (8)

Surface – Texture

Rough, Woody grain

QUV test

almost no color changes, after 4200 hours


Decorative cladding and facades, building shading, pergolas, fencings, shutters, multi-purpose building material


Natural and minimal

Acid salt spray (A.A.S.S.)

compliant (initial appearance, after 1008 hours)

Placement – Installation

Horizontally, vertically, on-wall or projected, curved

Material alloy

Hardened aluminium alloy (6063)


Wood powder and HDPE (high density polyethylene

Reach EC 1907/2006

no Phthalates, no Phosphorus


Six (6)

Technical specification

Delivery and Installation

YPSILON Outdoor can only be installed by an authorised dealer and is not designed for customer self-build. It is essential that the patio area/base is 100% level.

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